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Our mission


The NGO Social Attitude aims to include children and youth in social vulnerability by promoting the rescue of values and identity,

developing actions of socio-cultural impact through reading workshops, arts, audiovisual productions and music.

Its main goal, work to create human development opportunities. Contributing to society through art the most attractive and comprehensive as possible, knowing that we can't change the past, but can work in the present to build the future dreamed.

About us
  • Pass on principles and moral value messages through music and its cultural and social actions,


  • Promote social and oriented projects in the community at large, directly and or in partnership with other entities,


  • Stimulate musical improvement, intellectual, moral, civic and cultural of the population.

It is headquartered in the community Santa Marta, in Botafogo, south zone of Rio de Janeiro, in Dedé Culture House, located on the 4th of Inclined Plane Station.


Its Chief Executive Officer, Robespierre Avila, is a musician, cultural producer and always moved in various areas of culture. Produced in 2004, the “choro” group "Filhos de Marta" formed by community youths, which led him to devise and develop the project "Aos Pés do Santa Marta", which coordinates being recognized in 2010 as Culture Point .

Aos Pés do Santa Marta - social project

Designed and implemented by Robespierre Avila, the project "Aos Pés do Santa Marta" has been developing since 2004, in the space known as “Casa de Cultura Dedé”, at Santa Marta which is a community in Botafogo – RJ, Brasil. Has the support of NGO Atitude Social and in 2010 was set to Point Culture of the State of Rio de Janeiro.


The music workshops (guitar, “cavaquinho”, bass, piano, keyboard, sax, flute, trombone, percussion, etc.), harmony and improvisation developed in the Atitude Music School Project aims to show the diversity within our culture, offering a wider view of music and encouraging the study of music as a possibility of professionalization. Here was created the “choro” group "Filhos de Marta" and “Bateria Mirim Atitude” -children's drum section group – which rehearses during the year with youth in the community and visitors to the Carnival parade in Rio's streets.

“Cine Atitude” is another project that happens outdoors with free exhibitions of national and international films for all age groups, aiming to disseminate audiovisual culture, the creation of new audiences and promoting entertainment.

It also works in “Casa de Cultura Dedé”, the “Núcleo de Audiovisual Atitude- grupo NAVi”, a audiovisual center that aims to produce films and documentaries. Have been performed the movie “A Mulher do Latão – uma lenda do Santa Marta” (Bucket’s woman – a legend of Santa Marta), and the documentaries “Crianças do Cine Atitude” (Children of Cine Atitude), “Teatro na Laje 2” (Theater on the slab 2), “8º Fórum de Imprensa de Língua Portuguesa”, “Gilson Peranzzetta e Mauro Senise – the musicians”, “Saint Jorge – a religious devotion”, among others.

There is also a space for reading – Dedé Atitude Library where happens art workshops and communication with recycled material, reading, English and French classes for adults and intellectual recreation for children and adults.

And to provide good quality shows to the population, the NGO Atitude Social supports the production of Musical Events for the community on important dates such as "Santa Marta’s Days", "World Peace Day ", “Anniversary of NGO", opening and closing of the Music School year and Film and Poetry Festivals, always in the community.

There you still have a room for Street Dance lessons and musical rehearsals at Atitude Music Studio, the most recent part of the project which still in development.

Work with us

You can be a volunteer, donating your time and talent by taking part in our workshops, taking action to true transformation of the world you want to see.


NGO Atitude Social

Rua da Serenidade nº 02, Santa Marta

Botafogo, RJ CEP 22.260/164 BRASIL


Tel / Fax: +55 21 2511-3809
Cel: +55 21 98142-0674 / 98111-3927

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ONG Atitude Social

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